Our team is dedicated to tackling the issue of disinformation in Croatia and Slovenia. Our project focuses on several research areas:

  1. Identification and Analysis of Disinformation Sources 
    We will investigate the sources of disinformation, analyzing their nature and impact on society.
  2. Identification and Analysis of Disinformation Content
    Our team will examine the content of disinformation, studying its various forms and the strategies used to disseminate it.
  3. Identification and Analysis of Platform's Measures to Combat Disinformation Using Neuroscience Methods
    We will employ neuroscience to evaluate the effectiveness of measures taken by online platforms in combating disinformation.
  4. National Representative Survey on Disinformation and Analysis of Conspiracist Belief
    We will gather data on disinformation and analyze the factors influencing conspiracist beliefs among the population.
  5. Development of AI-Powered System for Early Detection of Disinformation
    Our team will develop an advanced system powered by AI to detect disinformation early, enabling timely intervention and mitigation.
  6. Identification and Analysis of the Role of International Actors in Spreading Disinformation
    We will investigate the involvement of international actors in disseminating disinformation, exploring their motives and impact.
  7. Identification and Analysis of Origins of (Zombie) Disinformation Narratives
    We will trace the origins of disinformation narratives, focusing on "zombie" disinformation persisting despite being debunked.

We collaborate closely with EDMO and national authorities. 

  • Communication with EDMO and contribution to their repository.
  • Analysis of the news media market in Croatia, emphasizing the effectiveness of public support measures and identifying potential market failures affecting plurality and diversity.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Code of Practice on Disinformation.
  • Creation of strategic reports for the regulator and other Croatian authorities, offering valuable insights and recommendations based on our research findings.

Through our research and collaboration efforts, we aim to shed light on the issue of disinformation, develop effective strategies to combat it and provide valuable resources to the public and relevant authorities. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and findings as we work towards a more informed and resilient society.