Journalistic sources on the Israel/Hamas conflict in the Croatian media


The aim was to identify the journalistic sources used by the Croatian mainstream media during the first three days of the conflict
between Israel and Hamas to determine the presence of journalistic sources previously identified as purveyors of disinformation.

Key findings:

• During the first three days of the conflict, the analyzed media used 167  different  journalistic  sources  (N=167),  including  the  news  
agencies HINA (N=94),  Agence France-Presse (AFP)(N=59), European  Pressphoto Agency  (EPA)  (N=58),  Profi media  (N=42) 
and Reuters (N=7), international media such as BBC (N=25), CNN (N=15)  and Al  Jazeera  (N=7),  Croatian media such as  
(N=15) and HRT(N=7), and official Israeli sources (N=9).
• The  online  sources  used  were  mainly  from  X  (Twitter)  (N=65)  and other online media (N=47), less often from Instagram (N=5), 
Facebook (N=4) or Youtube (N=4).
• In rare cases, the analyzed media referred to journalistic sources described as purveyors of disinformation (N=17).