Mapping climate disinformation ecosystem in Croatia and Slovenia


This report is part of the research activities conducted under the “Adria Digital Media Observatory” project, financed by the Digital Europe Program. The aim was to identify local (Croatian) sources of disinformation (websites, blogs, social media groups, media outlets, opinion makers, and well-known conspiracy theorists) related to climate disinformation and to explore the reach and size of audiences of identified local disinformation sources.

Key findings:
• Identified the existence of a current climate disinformation ecosystem, consisting of 10 clusters and supranational, encompassing the SEE region,
• Identified a decrease in the number of actors disseminating and creating disinformation about climate compared to the Ukrainian 
war and COVID-19,
• Identified community  and  broadcast  clusters  formed  around pseudo-media and mainstream media,
• 66,7% of leading purveyors of climate disinformation have double roles as the most influential vertices and super-spreaders.